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Grinsheep Fibre Productions - Springtime in Errington

Springtime in Errington

It is spring in Errington. I picked kale, salad greens and rhubarb from my garden last weekend. It felt great. The apple orchard is ready to burst into soft pink blossoms. The little green swallow are busy nesting in their boxes. They were back a month early this year. There is a pair of Canada Geese nesting near one of the ponds on the farm too.

The sheep are shorn and lambs are being born. I am using Majacraft’s new Fusion Engine Drum Carding Machine to make luxurious batts from our own sheep. I love the gearbox on the Machine. As a profound Leftie, I thank you Andrew for making it possible to move the handle to the other side. This Machine is a pleasure to use. Check our Facebook page to see what I mean.



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